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Craps Tip Guide for NZ Players

craps tips diceWhen you’re at the craps table, whether online or at a land-based casino, having a handy set of craps tips is always great. There are tons of sites for New Zealanders that have tips for playing the best craps strategy. However, there isn’t any sure-fire way of winning a craps game, let alone any casino game. But there are some craps tips that Kiwi players can keep in mind to make their experience much better.

Our top craps tips will help you know which are the best craps bets that’ll improve your odds. Furthermore, our tips will also guide you to playing a game that lowers the house edge against you. But firstly, we’ll be looking at the basic bets of this dice game to get you on the right track. So, read on to find out more on our top craps tips.

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What you’ll find in this guide:

Best Craps Bets Basics

Before we get to the craps tips, let’s take a look at the basic craps bets you’ll come across on the craps table. Whether online or at a land-based casino, the craps table will be the same. So, let’s look at the basics.

  • Pass Line Bet: this is the most important bet on the craps table. It’s considered an even money bet made by clicking on the pass line area during the first come out roll. If your roll shows a 7 or 11, your bet wins.
  • Don’t Pass Bet: the opposite of a pass line, this bet has slightly better odds with a 1.35% house edge. Rolling a 2 or 3 gives you a win. While a 7 or 11 equals a loss.
  • Come Bet: similar to a pass line, this one is made once the point is set i.e. after the come out roll.
  • Don’t Come Bet: this bet is placed when a point for the pass line has been set. It also has a lower house edge of 1.35%.
  • Odds Bet: like a side bet in craps and can be made after a point is set. This bet has a 0% house edge but can only be made if your pass bet and don’t pass bet wins.

Craps Tips: Top 5 Things to Consider

Here are top five craps tips to consider the next time you play. These will help you make the best craps bets at the craps table, and extend your bankroll and budget.

1. Learn the Rules

If you’ve never played before, or need to brush up on your gameplay, knowing the rules to the game is our first tip. NZ players can find craps rules on our site. This will make playing the game more entertaining and effortless. Furthermore, use the free demo mode at online gambling sites to practice before playing for real money.

Check out our Craps Rules page.

2. Set a Budget

A tip that seasoned and successful casino players live by is setting a budget and sticking to it. This will help you keep your head above water and prevents you from getting caught up in the game. Also, be on the look out for casino bonuses which will help you extend your bankroll even more.

3. Avoid Bad Bets

A winning strategy for playing craps is to know which bets to go for and which ones to avoid. Known as “sucker bets”, these are the bets that have a higher house edge. Avoid:

  • Place bets: when you wager on one or more numbers – 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10.
  • Hard 4 and Hard 10: this bet has a high house edge of 11%.
  • Big 6 and Big 8: these bets pay only 1 to 1 and have a high house edge of 9%.
virtual craps table

4. Know Your Bets

Furthermore, it’s important to know which bets you should be going for. There are several best craps bets to keep in mind when you’re at the craps table.

  • Come/ Don’t Come and Pass/ Don’t’ Pass: these are considered to be some of the best bets to play in craps.

5. Don’t Get Caught Up in the Excitement

Finally, remember to keep a level head when playing craps. It’s an exciting game that draws in the crowd and it’s easy to get caught up in it.

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