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Top-Rated Craps Systems in New Zealand

Best Craps Systems New ZealandThe use of craps bets systems is another way that New Zealand players increase their chances of winning when gambling on dice games. It is employed by gamblers that do not want to rely solely on luck to win on every spin. While nothing is guaranteed in gambling, craps systems have a fairly good rate on return on investment. This is why we created this craps systems guide for NZ players, to provide explanations on some of the craps strategies that have been successful for most online players.

Our team of expert gamblers have collected the latest craps systems to test on the best online craps games in NZ. Kiwis enjoy the odd roll of the dice every now and then. This guide will ensure that on their next visit, they are able to apply a craps strategy that will generate rewards over a period of time. As a disclaimer, we do not guarantee that the strategies will work every time. However, they have been statistically proven to have positive outcomes over a period of sessions playing craps for money.

Best Craps Casinos Online in NZ

CasinoWelcome Bonus Visit Site
1 Leo Vegas Casino in New Zealand

NZD $1000 Bonus

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2 Europa Casino NZ

NZD $2400 Bonus

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3 Tropez Casino New Zealand

NZD $3000 Bonus

Play NowTropez Casino
4 Mummys Gold in New Zealand

NZD $200 Bonus

Play NowMummys Gold
5 Gate777 Casino

NZD $1000 Bonus

Play NowGate777
6 Jelly Bean Casino

NZD $100 Bonus

Play NowJelly Bean
7 Mr Play Casino

NZD $200 Bonus

Play NowMr Play
8 Mr Green Casino

NZD $100 Bonus

Play NowMr Green
9 River Belle in New Zealand

NZD $800 Bonus

Play NowRiver Belle
10 Jokaroom Casino New Zealand

NZD $5000 Bonus + 75 Spins

Play NowJoka room
11 My Chance Online Casino

NZ$1000 Bonus

Play NowMyChance
12 Jackpot City Online Casino in New Zealand

NZD $1600 Bonus

Play NowJackpot City
13 All Slots Online Casino NZ

NZD $1500 Bonus

Play NowAll Slots
14 Royal Vegas Casino

NZD $1600 Bonus

Play NowRoyal Vegas
15 Spin Palace Casino

NZD $300 Bonus

Play NowSpin Palace
16 Wixstars Casino

NZD $300 Bonus

Play NowWixstars

Betting System for Craps Games

There are different craps systems that are popular based on what they offer players. Most Kiwi players opt for the safe play that has low betting odds and seemingly low payout. This system starts from staking the minimum bet along with picking options that have minimum risk. The alternative approach would be to choose the risky bets which offer big payouts when you win. These craps systems are better suited for high rollers with a big bankroll to cover them when they lose. As a side note, it is prudent to remember that table bets have a 95% house edge. This statistic makes it almost improbable to win. Here’s a list of some of the bets we recommend for NZ players:

Pass or Don’t Pass Strategy

Probably the most popular online craps betting strategy for beginners. Players only need to choose between ‘hot’ or ‘cold’ dice rolls. This craps strategy is based on a pattern that develops when you bet on a roll. For example, if you pick a pass and you win on the roll, the strategy dictates that you play the same bet until you lose. Based on the winning streak that develops, you do not change over a period of time.

Martingale Betting Craps System

The Martingale strategy to betting is a system that can be applied to other casino table games. Described as a betting strategy of progression, a player will double their bet with every loss they incur in order to break even along with making a profit. For instance, if you stake $5 on a roll and lose, you increase your bet to $10 on the next round. The only issue found with this bet is that it requires a rather large bankroll and a lot of discipline. The discipline relates to gamblers knowing when to stop and walk away.

Craps Betting Systems

Craps Systems to Avoid

It wouldn’t be savvy to explore all of the craps systems that have made players money without shedding light on some of the strategies that have left players in debt. These strategies are still popular to date because they offer unrealistic odds and.

  • Pass Line Bet – this bet has substantial rewards because you the first roll has to land on the precise number in order for you to win. Only when it lands on seven and eleven on the first roll will a player win. If it doesn’t, you lose.
  • Don’t Pass Line bets – the opposite of the pass line bet, this bet wins when the shooter misses the seven or eleven rolls on their first dice throw. While the odds may be better than the Pass line bet with a house edge of 1.36%, it is generally regarded as a risky bet. This bet is known to be successful in conjunction with other bets.
  • Don’t Come Bet – likened to the don’t pass craps bet, this bet wins if the land on the number two, three or twelve on the first roll. The likelihood of those numbers hitting is pretty slim, as the house edge is greater at 1.41%.

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