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Online Craps New Zealand

Online Craps is one of the best online casino dice game greatly fancied by New Zealand players. It’s one of the rarest online casino games that offer bets without house edge. Hence the game stands to be appealing more to rookie players. In addition, Kiwi players will definitely get intimidated by the unusual loud nature ofthe craps table in land based casinos. Read on below and find out what craps online has in store for you!

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Best NZ Craps game rule

New Zealand gamblers play this clasic table game on a purpose-built table. In that regard, two dices are used. The game has grown to be famous amongst online casino players worldwide, mostly with New Zealand players. Online Craps hasn’t only crossed various countries and cultures but has gained massive popularity. This is so because hundreds and thousands of players can easily access the game to play and enjoy at the best internet gambling sites available in New Zealand!

Online Craps game rule for NZ players

Best New Zealand’s Online Craps game rules

  • Every New Zealand player has to make a bet with the lowest amount that is determined by the size of the online craps’ table.
  • In the game of craps, every dice has six sides, and the sides have various numbers of black spots that go from 1 to 6.
  • Two of these must be rolled by one of the online casino players called the shooter.
  • After the shooter rolls, the total sums of the black spots that will be on top of the dice are referred to as the ‘roll.’
  • The online casino game is made up of a sequence of rolls 12, 3 or 2 called ‘craps.’
  • When the shooter makes the first roll, it is known as the ‘come out roll.’
  • During the online craps game, they bets that are on the cross line must not be removed. However, the bets can be increased. Also, the bets that will be on the ‘Don’t Pass Line’ may only be removed or decreased but cannot be increased.
  • Lastly, if the online game is to end on the come out roll, the shooter of that specific game can continue being the shooter for the following game. They can again just pass the dice to another online player in a clockwise manner, who will then be the new shooter.
Crap Dices for NZ players

NZ Craps bets

Online craps bets come as mixed full package for New Zealand players. Some of the bets are:

Pass line bets

The most significant bet in when playing craps online is the Pass line Bet. This is a bet made by New Zealand players before the shooter so as to win the point number. The online bet is easily won instantly if the Come-Out roll is either 11 or 7. If it is 2, 3 or 12, the bet is then lost, and this is referred to as crapping out. Also, when the roll is another value, it creates a Point. A bet is won when that particular point is then rolled before a 7.

Pass line bet on Online Craps, New Zealand

Odds on Pass Line Bets

Once a player rolls a Point, they can then be eligible to make this new bet through taking odds. Every Point has several takeoffs. A Point of 5 pays 3:1, 10 or 4 will pay 2:1 and 8 or 6 pays 6:5. New Zealand players only get to win once a Point has been again rolled before a seven.

Odds on Passline bets on Online Craps in NZ

Come Bets

These online casino bets for online crap have similar rules with the Pass line bet. The only difference is that the player makes a bet after determining that the Point that will be on the pass line. When doing the come-out roll, the player places the bet on the pass line because they are considered to be identical bets. The come out is usually set after the player places their first bet on first rolling of the dice. However, other several rolls may make a New Zealand player a winner if the come-out Point that is repeated after a seven is rolled. But if a seven gets to be rolled, the player loses.

NZ Casino Bonuses

Odds on Come Bets

The odds on the come bets are the same as those of the pass line ones. The only difference is that the players will be taking the odds on Come Bets, not the Pass line bets.

Don’t Pass Line Bets

The online bets are merely the vice versa of the pass line bets. In this case, if the first dice roll is a seven or eleven, the player loses. However, if it turns out to be a two or a three, the player wins. If the player has a dice roll 12, it will merely mean that they have a push or a draw with the online casino.

Dont Pass Bets on Online Craps in New Zealand.

Don’t Come Bets

The Don’t Come Bets are again the vice versa of the come bets. After a player creates the come bets point, the New Zealand player will win if it turns out as a two or a three. However, if it’s a seven or an eleven, the player loses. Like the don’t pass line bets, a 12 is a tie, and a player can only win on some other dice rolls if a seven appears before all of them.

Place bets

This online crap bet only works once the Point is determined. The payoffs of the play bets are not the same because it depends on the number that the player bets on. However, New Zealand players can cancel the bet anytime they feel like doing so.

Place bets on Online Craps for New Zealand Players.

Field Bets

The online craps best are only for a single dice roll. If a two, three, four, nine, ten, eleven, and twelve is rolled, the player wins. However, the player gets to lose if a five, six, seven and eight is rolled.

The different payoffs of field bets are that 2 pay off double (2:1) whereas 12 pay 3:1. The other winning dice rolls only pay evenly, and that is 1:1.

Field Bets on online craps in New Zealand.

NZ Craps Strategy

When New Zealand players are playing online craps, it is strongly advised that they get comfortable and relaxed when it comes to the free, pass and come-odd wagers. The players should make sure that they are quite familiar with the above-mentioned wagers (various types of online crap bets). Below are some of the strategies that will assist New Zealand players when playing online craps:

  • It’s best for the New Zealand player to create their betting selections or create a pattern that they will stick to.
  • More so, for some of the players that enjoy playing for a long duration, it is best for them to stick to ‘come/don’t come’ and ‘pass/don’t pass’ bets.
  • For some of the players that only prioritise winning, it is important that they play more on the high-odd bets.
  • If the player is winning, they should raise their bets and if they are losing, they should lower the bet.
  • It is advised that New Zealand players must not quit after any win.
  • Last but the most important, the players must never plan on winning with each rolling of the dice that is done.
Craps Strategy for New Zealand players

When a player is a shooter, the player must roll the dice far enough for it to reach the side wall. When the player does this, the winning numbers will then be random, hence an opportunity to win.

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