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Safe Online Casinos in New Zealand

Safe Casinos NZ

Finding safe casinos can be tricky considering the many dangers and scams that exists online today. Online safety is therefore one of the major concerns for internet gamblers in New Zealand. Fortunately, finding safe casinos is easy if you use our list of recommended casinos as guideline when choosing the casino you would like to play at.

Most casinos across New Zealand place safety and security high up on their list of priorities. Online safety has also become a key part of the online gambling experience. Although most casinos value the safety of their customers, it’s important to not be oblivious to the sites where safety is not a core practice. You’ll spare yourself much disappoint and money if you are alert from the beginning.

Secure Casino Sites in NZ




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In earlier times, before the rise of online gambling, players would travel all the way to a land-based casino to play their favorite casino games. Each game room was usually guarded by a strong man who served as protection for those inside. Of course, much has changed since then, but the need for players to feel protected and safe has not. This applies to land-based casinos, but especially online casinos. In fact, safety is often the biggest deciding factor for those who wish to play casino games on the internet. Read more about online security in our safety casino guide below.


Finding Safe Casinos

As mentioned previously, you can follow our list of casinos when looking for safe casinos where you can enjoy casino games. However, it’s always useful to also know what to look out for when making these decisions.

  • Licensing

Licensing and records of regular auditing are some of the key aspects when searching for safe online casinos in New Zealand. This information is usually found at the bottom of a casinos homepage and casinos who abide by the rules have no problem with displaying the different security certification that the site holds. Whether the site has this information displayed or not should be an indication of whether the site can be trusted or not. Different countries also have different laws when it comes to gambling on the internet and some countries are stricter than others. For kiwi players, its best to choose sites that are licensed and regulated by authorities based in New Zealand.

Safe Online Casinos NZ 2019
  • Casino Ownership

Most online casinos have an ‘About Us’ page which gives customers an idea of what the casino is about and is a dedicated place where you can find other useful information. This includes information about who the owners of the casino are, that company/persons contact details, as well as the company’s registration details. You can then make your own judgement when scanning through the various sites About Us pages and decide whether you think it’s a safe casino or not. If the page seems too flowery or contains information that’s hard to believe, its best to trust your gut and search for other safe casinos.

  • Website Checks

Our fourth and final tip to finding safe casinos is to check whether or not the website is secure. We’ve created a short checklist below to help you identify secure casino sites.

  • Did you know that the s in ‘https’ stands for secure? This is often overlooked as not many people pay mind to finer details like this. Now that you know, look for websites that have https at the beginning of their URL if you are serious about finding safe casinos.
  • Another step to checking for safe casinos is the lock icon on the web address. This icon is commonly used by web browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer. The lock icon lets the user in on the origins of the page, and also lets all users know that the content found on that page is locked and was not altered by a hacker. The lock symbol in this instance is a sign that lets you know that it is safe to proceed.
Safe Online Casinos NZ

Things to Be Weary Of

Some things are outright illegal and clearly wrong. However, other casino practices might not be illegal, but are causes for concern. Here’s additional advice on things to be weary of when searching for safe casinos. Be wary of:

  • Casinos that have a low withdrawal or cash out limit. This can be a casino who wants to pay you NZD5000 per month for example when you’ve won a progressive jackpot. Progressive jackpots are generally paid out in full and is made available within a reasonable period. Casinos that have all kinds of restrictions when it comes to pay-outs is something that causes for concern.
  • Casinos who want to pay you a settlement amount on your progressive jackpot. This is just a way for them to get out of paying you the full amount that is rightfully yours. This might also mean that the casino is experiencing some cash flow problems and nobody wants to gamble at a casino that has money problems.
  • Casinos who want to use alternative methods to transfer your winnings. If the payment method is one you are not familiar with, its best to stay clear.
  • Casinos that have active operations in areas they are not lawfully authorized to operate in.
  • Casinos that depend primarily on the deposits of players to fund winners. This is another indication of cash flow problems, and it’s advisable to avoid these casinos altogether.

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