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Easy Bingo Rules Guide for New Zealand Players

simple-bingo-rules-nzBingo rules are easy to understand but many find the game confusing. Possibly because of how they have been introduced to the game of Bingo. We have made a simple guide to help our Kiwi readers to understand the rules of Bingo. There are a few variations of bingo, so we will expand on the different rules for each of those game variations too.

The image most people have of bingo is in a loud noisy hall with mostly older people. However, playing bingo online can really change how you look at this game. The beauty of playing the game online is that there is no noisy crowd to deal with. That way you can focus on understanding the rules and game play.

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What You Will Find on this Page

Basic Bingo Rules for Beginners

To understand the rules of Bingo, you must understand what the whole point of the game is. The goal in bingo is to guess 5 numbers in a row. That row can come in at different angles.

In a bingo hall, there are three simple rules to follow when playing bingo once they have got their bingo ticket or tickets.

  • Circle the numbers you have chosen
  • Pay attention and mark off the numbers called out
  • Be fast, your “bingo’ becomes invalid if the caller goes to the next number.

Rules for playing bingo games online are way simpler. There’s virtually only one online bingo rule:

  1. Choose your numbers on your bingo ticket / tickets.

There is no caller and other players you have to deal with. Also, the computer / casino marks off the numbers that are correct on your ticket for you. Therefore, there is no need to pay close attention after you have chosen your numbers. That also means you can play multiple tickets and win more because there is no need to manually tick of your own cards.

Bingo Rules for Choosing Numbers on a Ticket

  1. Select a line of numbers vertically, horizontally, or diagonally
  2. Select two lines horizontally on the bingo card
  3. Mark patterns on the whole bingo card, this is called a full house and is commonly done on 30 ball bingo
  4. Make a T shaped pattern even a sideways or upside-down T is acceptable
  5. Square shape – not to be mistaken with a coverall, select the numbers all around the edge of the card
  6. Make a diamond shape on the bingo card if any of the selected numbers are within that shape , you win.

Rules for Winning Bingo Numbers

There are three main Bingo variants. The basic rules for choosing a number on the tickets are the same but there are slight variations.

75 Ball Bingo rules

  • Coverall wins –  that is getting all called / generated numbers out
  • Line wins – any numbers in any sort of line that is vertical, horizontal or diagonal win
  • Pre-set patterns – some games may have patterns declared before they game begins if you circle your numbers in the winning pattern then you win
  • The rules above also apply to 80 ball bingo

90 Ball Bingo rules

There are three main ways to getting a win in 90 ball bingo

  1. One-line win – only horizontal lines win
  2. Two / Multiple line win – if your winning numbers appear in two or more horizontal lines on the same ticket you win. The payout is better the more lines you have
  3. Full house win is similar to a coverall’s win in 75 ball and 80 ball bingo.

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