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Myanmar will soon legalise casino gambling

According to Myanmar Times, a bill that is being considered by Members of Parliament in Myanmar could soon make provision for casino’s to be legalised in the country. The bill constitutes that only foreigners would be allowed to gamble should it pass and that passports will be required at the entry points of these casinos. This does not include working at the casinos and doing business with these casinos. Employment can, thus, expect an improvement.

Myanmar Casino Legalisiation


Recommended Myanmar location for Casinos

The casinos will be located at hotels in Mandalay and Yangon; this is according to the bill. This new legislation is now left to the hands of Parliament to approve it. This follows President Myint recommendations regarding  proposed amendments, was drafted in order to improve the local tourism industry and the tax revenue.  Before this bill Myanmar was among the few countries in the region that did not allow casino operations.

There is a section of the country that is considered a self-administrated zone and this is on the boarder of Thailand and Laos, this section has casinos located there because the government has no control there. Another reason for the bill is to curb the increase in illegal casinos that are being established in the area.

When will the bill be passed?

The bill is expected to be passed in May following a parliamentary break. It includes changes recommendations by Myanmar President Win Myint and a detailed structure as to how the casinos will operate. This legislation was first drafted in 2017 by the Ministry of Home Affairs and the Ministry of Union Government Office. U Aung Hlaing Win, Pyithu Hluttaw, MP for Mingaladon constituency, was quoted as saying, “We are left behind as most of our neighbours have casinos. If the casino operators don’t come here, they will go to other countries.”

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