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MasterCard Banking Method in New Zealand

MasterCard casino banking option has been making huge waves in New Zealand. The company was established in 1966 when 4 banks emerged and challenged the Bank of America.  The casino banking method was then launched in 1979. Over the years the brand has grown in terms of what it offers to the visual appearance of its popular logo.

A MasterCard can be a credit card or debit card which can be used in more than 210 countries and by more than 25 million companies. Consequently, MasterCard has a massive foothold in the world of economics and financial transactions.

MasterCard has also extended its services to many web-wallet companies and given them the rights to issue MasterCard approved ATM cards. These cards are ideal for players in New Zealand. So read on and learn more about the best casino banking method for NZ gamblers.
MasterCard banking option for NZ online casinos

MasterCard – Online Casino Deposits

This process is simple and if you’ve ever conducted business online at other websites, it’s certainly not going to be much different. Once you’ve entered your username and password at a respective online casino, click on ‘Banking’.  Once there, you select ‘MasterCard’.

Thereafter, the system will require you to put in the 16 digit card number together with your name. After that, you fill in the expiry date and the CVV (Card Verification Value) found at the back of your card.

After the verification process, you will then type in how much money you want to convert to online casino credits and then click Confirm.  Once the process is done, the money will automatically reflect in your online casino account.
MasterCard Online Casino Banking

MasterCard – Online Casino Withdrawals

The withdrawal process is quite similar to the deposit process. You’ll need to click on the ‘cashier’ button and once in there one of two things will happen. You will either be able to click on the MasterCard option and once again key in all the information.  Or the casino would have recorded this information in which case you don’t have to key it in again. Don’t worry if the information is already available, as online casinos have high-security standards to safeguard your information and will never share it.

They are after all the ones who would land in hot water if they compromised your safety. In more recent years MasterCard has been cutting down on a number of online casino transactions it allows. This is a legacy issue that prevailed when the USA decided it wanted to spoil its entire nation’s fun. If you’re using the same MasterCard to withdraw that you used when you deposited, then the casino will send the funds back to that account.

Once you’ve requested a withdrawal, the casino will usually take up to 72 hours to have it processed. Thereafter it will take 2 to 6 working days to be back to your MasterCard account.

MasterCard Overview

The advantages of using a MasterCard is that it is the easiest way to make a payment online, it’s a fast way to procure online casino credits and start playing your favourite table games and pokies. So go on and check some of the online casinos on our site that feature the MasterCard banking option. You never know – the odds might be in your favour!

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