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Japan permits Casino Ads in Immigration Areas

The Japanese government has introduced a new set of boundaries to the way the state’s first casinos will be promoted when in operation. Under the new set of rules, casino ads will only be allowed within the larger joined resorts. Gambling venues take part as well, however only in immigration parts; at the terminals of the state’s airports and also at the harbors.

casino ads

The new laws from part of an implementation order for the United Resorts Application Bill passed by the Japanese government. The Application of the Bill was the second of a two-phase procedure for the authorization and regulation of casino gaming in Japan. Also, to bring Las Vegas-style casinos to the republic as part of larger combined/MICE resorts.

Casino Ads – the Bill

A first bill, the Combined Resorts P.R. Bill, cleared the government in December 2016; legalizing casino betting in the country. Its adopted sister piece set out the rules and guidelines under which casinos will be functioned.

Problem Gambling Concerns

The legalization of casinos in the country provoked concerns and remarks that the move would create a problem gambling rate. They say that this will be take problem gambling higher levels and the country is already dealing with high gambling addition rates.

The restrictions that are related to how casinos will advertise in the future came as part of the government’s effort to prevent betting addiction and the growth of problem gambling. Other steps taken in order to protect the Japanese from the negative impact of prolonged gambling include a requirement for the implementation of an entry fee for residents and enduring residents.

Japanese residents will have to pay JPY6,000 per visit and they will also be able to play at the local casinos. However not over three times a week and not over 10 times a month. The new casino advertising rules approved will take effect from next Monday. With their acceptance, local governments of regions and cities that want to host one of the three casino resorts are must bring related arrangements.

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