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How to Play Pokies New Zealand

If you are one of those players that first research more about a casino game before they play it, then you have come to the right website. Our devoted team has gathered a couple of pointers on how to play pokies in New Zealand. Read on and learn more below.

How to play pokies

Playing Online Pokies

Pokies come with various features because they are created by different software providers, let alone the different variations. However, online casino players should know that the game-play remains the same. More so, we advise Kiwi players to first play their desired online pokie game through the free play mode, if they haven’t played the game before.  This will give them the opportunity to practice their skills before they start gambling for real money. More so, this will give players the opportunity to get familiar with the controls of the game.

How to play Online Pokies in New Zealand

Many pokie games come with a different number of reels. The most common reels in New Zealand are the three reel slots, five reel slots and the nine reel slot games. As a result, when online casino players in New Zealand select their desired casino games, the number of reels that the game comes with will influence their decision. After that, the player can then select the number of pay lines they might want to activate. When this is done, all a player has to do is to place their wager and start spinning the reels.

Kiwi players can either choose to wait for the reels to automatically stop spinning or they can hit the stop button beforehand. Lastly, the player still gets their winnings depending on the winning combinations that will be aligned on the pay lines.

How to Play Pokies – Overview

Known as Slots outside New Zealand and Australia, online pokies have grown to be one of the most loved casino games globally. The online casino games come in various versions, and this means there a wide range of pokies for Kiwi players to enjoy. Click here and learn more about New Zealand online pokies. For tips and tricks, click here.

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