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Golf Betting New Zealand

Golf betting has been making huge waves in the realm of online sports betting in New Zealand. Golf is one of the oldest sports globally which boast famous names in sports. For instance, we have stars like Roy McIlroy and Tiger Woods.

Its clear golf is a brilliant and a well-known game. There are tournaments such as British Open Gold, PGA, four majors and much more that keep both, golf players and golf bettors busy during the year.

Though, the fairness of this sport has been scrutinised over the past few years; unlike tennis betting. But Golf still stands as one of the all-time favourites in New Zealand.

Golf Betting in New Zealand.

How to bet on Golf in New Zealand

There are two ways in which New Zealand gamblers can bet on golf. The first one is:

  1. Select an event (for example PGA, Open Championships, etc.).
  2. Choose your player (e.g. Tiger Woods, Jordan Spieth, etc.).
  3. Place your stake in a particular currency (NZD$ for New Zealand gamers).
  4. Bet!
New Zealand golf betting.

The second way that a player in New Zealand can bet on golf is by:

  1. Choosing an event.
  2. Selecting the market they want to bet on, for example, Finishing Positions, Outright Betting, etc.
  3. Select their player.
  4. Set their stakes.
  5. Place their bet!

Basic Golf Betting System for NZ Players

Our devoted team at Kiwi Casinos has compiled a list of some helpful guidelines for Golf bettors in New Zealand. Below are some of the Golf betting phases used by New Zealand players:

Outright Winner

This is betting on the Golf player that might win the game.

Round Leader Market

Placing a bet on the player that will be at the top on the leader board, at the end of a specific round.

To Make or Miss Cut

Betting on the chosen player whether they will miss or make the cut for the tournament.

Two Chances to win

Placing bets that either one of the two players will win the game.

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