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Roulette Bot Plus

If you are a person that loves gambling online, you have probably heard of Roulette Bot Plus. This is because this software is advertised as foolproof, guaranteed to make you money. It is propped up to help roulette players use a strategy you win every time, with countless dedicated forums online that attest to its […]

Casino Low Wagering Requirements

Casino low wagering requirements are hard to come by, and truth be told – no one likes casino wagering requirements in general. However, this is something which casinos had to implement in order to reduce the abuse of casino bonuses by unscrupulous players. While some bonuses have huge wagering requirements some are more player-friendly – […]

Brisbane Broncos Players Gambling Night Before NRL Final

Reports are coming out amid Brisbane Broncos’ humiliating 58-0 finals loss to the Parramatta Eels. The NRL club’s officials are conducting an investigation into the what happened. It is alleged that senior Broncos players went out the night before the game to play pokies at Harpoon Harry’s in Sydney. While the players were not drinking, it […]

Petrol Station Supervisor Steals NZ$60K to Fund Gambling Addiction

Petrol station supervisor Brett Laurence Rudman has been caught stealing from stations he supervised to fund his gambling addiction. Rudman, from Wellington, collectively stole more than $60,000 from petrol stations.  The 29-year-old stole cash from BP Karori and BP Newlands, tobacco stock, and Motor Trade Association (MTA) vouchers. All totalling $60,000. His stealing spree went […]

All Blacks World Cup Run in Question

Ahead of their first matches this weekend, the All Blacks World Cup run has raised some questions. First, the Guardian’s rugby writer, Robert Kitson, suggested that the “mortal looking” All Blacks could be toppled. This comes just three days before the start of the Rugby League World Cup. Kitson believes that New Zealand’s team line-up […]