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Roulette Bot Plus

If you are a person that loves gambling online, you have probably heard of Roulette Bot Plus. This is because this software is advertised as foolproof, guaranteed to make you money. It is propped up to help roulette players use a strategy you win every time, with countless dedicated forums online that attest to its […]

Fair Poker New Zealand

Fair poker sites online can be difficult to identify. Due to the fact that Poker is one of the most popular games in New Zealand. It is offered by almost all virtual casinos you can ever find online. But are all these sites offering legit poker rooms? Of course not! That is why poker fans […]

Casino Low Wagering Requirements

Casino low wagering requirements are hard to come by, and truth be told – no one likes casino wagering requirements in general. However, this is something which casinos had to implement in order to reduce the abuse of casino bonuses by unscrupulous players. While some bonuses have huge wagering requirements some are more player-friendly – […]

Counting Cards for New Zealand Players

Counting cards is a strategy that many gamblers use when they are playing blackjack. It helps identify whether the next hand that is dealt will give a feasible advantage either to the dealer or player. This strategy is mostly used in an attempt to beat the house and can be used together with the basic blackjack […]

Online Poker Staking

Online poker staking is when a backer puts money up on behalf of the poker player. The backer hopes that the poker player will win, the poker player is referred to as the “horse.” Before the game begins, the backer and the horse agree on a percentage. In the end, the backer will take that […]