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Hot as Hades Review

Adventure games are the most popular online games that can easily be enjoyed by anyone.  There are plenty such games in the market and it is difficult to differentiate one from the other.  Hot as Hades is the latest new adventure game on the market. Gamers will surely spend hours on this exciting journey that Hades […]

Social Media for Affiliate Marketing

Social media has become a game changer in terms of marketing a brand in New Zealand. The public has become more dependent on social media for information and interaction. The same goes for online casino affiliates, they need to capitalise on this temporary yet powerful fad. The popular go-to social media platforms of most affiliate […]

PokerStars Winner 2017

PokerStars winner collects NZ$737,031.66. Last night, the player scooped the Main Event title of the first PokerStars Championship Monte Carlo festival after seven days of play and dominant final table performance. Raffaele Sorrentino collected €466,714 for his career’s best achievement. The player beat a 727-strong field to become the champion of the first PokerStars Championship […]

Ivey League Stops Coaching Content Due to Uncertain State of Online Poker

Ivey League, the poker training website created by Phil Ivey, announced that it will no longer be uploading video training content as from May 1, 2017. The “current state of online poker” was pointed as the reason for the decision, although no further explanation was given as to what the current state of online poker […]

Casino Gambling Spend Rises in New Zealand

Casino Gambling in New Zealand has been experiencing rapid growth regarding visitor spending. More so, tourism statistics have been reaching high records of late and the economy being in an excellent condition is also an added advantage. A 2.6% increase has been reported by the International Affairs concerning casino gambling spend. In addition, this is […]