Stats on Poker Gambling Declining

The popular market research company from Australia, known as Roy Morgan recently published their Gambling Currency Report and it showed information that poker gambling in AU is slowly declining. Their results are based on a source survey carried on by Roy Morgan after doing thorough face to face interviews with over a thousand Australians, on a weekly basis.

Based on the latest information that the marketing research company provided, the Northern Territory is still the biggest part of Australia that has the highest poker and betting amongst all the territories and states in Australia. On the other hand, the highest lotteries and scratch card wagering has been reported in West Australia.

Gambling on Poker Declining

Statistics on the Decline in Poker Gambling

As shown in the document released by the Gambling Currency, the northern territory had a larger report of Australian players that preferred gambling on pokies.  Approximately a total of about 23.6% of the Northern Territory residents, only those over the age of 18 have placed bets at a casino gambling machine in an average of about a period of 3 months. The states of New South Wales and Queensland followed with their proportion rates being 14.2% and 14.9% respectively.

In the state of Tasmania, the poker participation percentage was 13.5%, being followed by another state in Australia with a percentage of 12.4%. The lowest participation percentage on poker machines was recorded in the state of Western Australia – 5% and the state of Victoria with 10.6%. Casino betting rates have also been part of the survey.

Michelle Levine – the marketing research company’s chief executive officer reported to the media that generally, gambling participation in Australia has actually been slowly declining over the past couple of years. The only exception to this is the sports betting industry, which has just experienced an increase in the previous year to about a year and a half.


Basing on the results of the survey presented by this research marketing company, the highest casino gambling reports have been reported in the Northern Territory. These results are then followed by the territory of Victoria, with a gambling percentage of 10% and Western Australia with about 9.6%. The percentages for the states of South Australia and Queensland were quite close – 7.4% and 8.1% respectively. Tasmania reported with the lowest, which has about 4.7% of the states’ residents above the age of 18 having placed a bet in at least an average of a 3 month period.

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Robin Hood – Prince of Tweets

Stealing from the rich and giving to you, Robin Hood – Prince of Tweets is a fun, new slot game with never-before-seen features. The top online pokies casinos we recommend are proud to feature NextGen Gaming’s new slot game Robin Hood – Prince of Tweets. This online slot game stands to one of the most loved game at the best online pokies casinos across the globe. So relax, read on and learn more about Robin Hood below.


Robin Hood – Game Play

This 40 line, 5 reel game features Robin Hood himself. With a bit of luck Robin Hood will appear on the reels, where his bow and arrow make symbols go wild. More so, NextGen Gaming has made sure to implement their signature game feature, SuperBet, on Robin Hood – Prince of Tweets.

SuperBet is an additional wager, which online pokie players can set either off, medium or high. The higher players wager on SuperBet, the more likely they are to get Robin Hood appears and turn normal symbols into wilds!

With the highest SuperBet level, the game’s payout percentage is 9.965%. Here’s a video that shows Robin Hood doing what he does best: turning normal symbols into wilds.

NextGen says of the game: “We wanted a more interesting and fun take on the story of Robin Hood, so we redid the story with birds giving the game a more fun feel.” You can play Robin Hood – Prince of Tweets with your computer or mobile device, including iPad, iPhone, Android phones and tablets. The game is compatible with any type of device as long as there is good internet connecting, and then you are good to go.

Robin Hood Overview

You’ll be the judge of how well NextGen did. All you have to do is to sign up at our top online pokies casinos and play the game either for free or for real-money. So feel free to register at any of the top online casinos that we recommend and see if this casino game tickles your fancy!

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Pyramid Quest for Immortality Available in NZ

Pyramid Quest for Immortality stands to be one of the best online pokie games established by NetEnt, one of the premier online casino software providers in the realm of online pokie games.

The pokie game is brightly colored with very exciting symbols and this makes the game more attractive for both seasoned and new gamblers to play. More so, NetEnt is famous for its seamless game-play and top-notch quality graphics, with the Pyramids pokie game following suit. Read on and learn more about this exciting pokie below.

pyramid quest for immorality

Pyramid Quest for Immortality – Game Features

The online pokie features 720 pay lines and cascading reels. As a result, each time when a player gets better combinations from the first reel, the winning symbols get to be removed, and the new ones will drop down from the reels at the top. This will be an ongoing process until the player makes new winning combinations, within the initial wager that would have triggered the feature.

Pyramid Quest for Immortality has wild symbols that appear after a winning symbol is awarded on the first position of any of the three reels. However, behind these symbols is a hidden magical portal. The purpose of this portal is to form a wide symbol every time a winning combination is created on that spot.

More so, this online pokie game gives players a chance multiply wins. For every time when the winning combination has been removed from the screen, a light will then appear on the right hand side of the screen. Thereafter, an x2 multiplier will appear. More so, for any other win that will occur, the light will be lit again and for every tired win, there will be additional multipliers.


Pyramid Quest for Immortality is one of the best pokie games available in the world of online casino gambling. The game is a special type of online pokie machine powered by NetEnt. So sign up at any of the top online casinos we recommend and start experiencing all this first hand.

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Coronavirus Causes New Zealand to Lockdown

New Zealand is now preparing to enter a nationwide lockdown that is expected to be a month-long, due to the increase in the number of people infected with Coronavirus. During this period, the whole country has been requested to stay indoors apart from the people that work in essential services.


On Monday,23 March, the nation was told they have two days to prepare for businesses, schools, and community services to switch off their lights in hopes of stopping the spread of Coronavirus in the country. This decision came after a couple of cases in NZ increased to more than a hundred people infected. Read on below and find out more about the NZ lockdown.

Coronavirus – Details on the NZ Lockdown

The Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern, reported to the nation that she is certainly not willing to put the citizens’ lives in danger. She further stated how the worst-case scenario is intolerable and would mean the biggest loss of Kiwis in their history, and that is just a chance that she is not willing to take.

The Prime Minister further said that the nation would be immediately moving to level-three measures, then four and finally the highest on Wednesday from 23:59.  The government instructed everyone to go home and has assured all its citizens that they will do their best to protect the nation. The lockdown will be for a month after the Prime Minister stated that it was now recognized that local transmission is what was currently happening in New Zealand.

If it continues, the number of people infected would be doubling every five days. This would then eventually result in thousands of New Zealanders dying, hence they decided to lock down the country now, while they still have it all under control.

She reported to the media that the Coronavirus has been moving a fast pace and it is better for the country to take action now, or risk the widespread of the virus like how it has in most nations.


Many people seemed to be shocked by this decision on social media, but most, if not all, were applauding her leadership skills. Simon Bridges, the opposition leader, health experts, and many other prominent scientists had been requesting for a national shutdown from last week.

However, still, they applauded the government for taking this action quickly – way ahead of many other European nations that are now faced with hundreds of deaths such as the United Kingdom and Italy.

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Covid-19 Causes SkyCity Casino to Turn Off Gaming Machines

SkyCity Casino has reported to the media that they will be turning off most of their gambling machines and also limit the number of gaming players at tables because of the Covid-19 situation. Gaming promotions at SkyCity Casino have been put on hold for now, and a number of events that were scheduled to happen at the casino have been canned.

SkyCity Turns Gaming Machines Off because of Covid-19

Graeme Stephens, the Chief executive of SkyCity Casino, said to the media that these significant changes had been applied to make sure that safety for both the staff and public is prioritized. Read on below and find more about how the new Corona Virus is affecting the New Zealand casino gambling industry.

The Effects of Covid-19

Covid-19 is an epidemiologic respiratory sickness that is caused by the recently identified coronavirus discovered in China, late 2019. The virus is known to have symptoms closely related to the ones for Flu or a cold, and it can be easily spread by being in contact with someone who has tested positive for it. As a result, people are advised to stay at home if they do not feel well, ensure that they wash their hands regularly, reduce any form f physical contact or touching their face and also avoid huge crowds.

After knowing the measures to take so as to prevent the spreading of Covid-19, SkyCity Casino implemented ‘social distancing’ by turning off some of the gaming machines to keep a safe distance between the players. The number of players per gaming table was reduced to just five, and back betting isn’t allowed so as to avoid crowding.

However, on the other side of the coin, SkyCity Casino is quite impressed with how the New Zealanders have been handling this matter. They reported to the media that their guests and players have been supportive of these changes, and they continued extending their gratitude.


SkyCity Casino has put its players and guests first, regardless of just how much profit they will cut. They ensured New Zealanders that they are strictly committed to providing a secure and safe environment for both the customers and their staff. So, in such a time where people are required to self-isolate or quarantine, don’t get bored! While in quarantine, the top NZ online casinos we feature here to give you the best online gambling experience in New Zealand. So, what are you waiting for? Visit any of the top online casinos shortlisted on our site and stand a chance to win huge today!

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