GameArt Slots Games Go Live at ACE Casino

GameArt Slots are now available at ACE casino. Players at ACE Casino can now play popular GameArt titles. These games include big titles such as Money Farm 2, Ramses Treasure, Battle of Atlantis, Spark of Genius, Night at KTV, Tesla and so many more games.

Players don’t need to download any apps if they want to play this game. All they need to do is access the casino website, and they will immediately be able to enjoy all the pokies games they want. Players can use the ACE token to start playing the games. This token is based on EOS Utility that is created for gaming specifications.

GameArt CEO, Stefan Picone, told the media that the crypto gaming industry is booming at the moment. He further said that GameArt is happy that ACE Casino players will be able to play all the well-known slot games and take part in all the available progressive jackpots. Furthermore, Ace Casino plans to expand into other gambling markets, such as the land-based casino industry, hotels and other businesses that are related.

GameArt Slot Games

ACE Casino Gaming Library Growing with GameArt Slots

CEO of ACE Casino, Sebastian Ryu, told the press that there is no doubt that ACE Casino players will be thoroughly entertained when playing. He further said that they are happy that GameArt decided to become an integral part. The ACE token is also something that is innovative and has already been listed on the cryptocurrency exchange.


Sebastian Ryu and Kyle Son founded ACE Casino. The ACE Entertainment company runs the casino. The company specialises in producing games in partnership with ME2ON, which is a publicly-listed company in South Korea.

ACE Casino is licenced in Curacao, and it makes use of RNG which is certified by the iTech Labs. Which was launched on the 29th of August.

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Controversial Online Gambling Document from DIA

The Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) in New Zealand has created a document on online gambling that has received a lot of criticism. Public health advocates have criticised this discussion document as diverting attention away from the real harm of gambling. The advocates further claimed that the report makes it easier for gambling operators in New Zealand to get better access to web-based gaming.

Digital rights proponents and have also criticised the Department of Internal Affairs for threatening to suspend access to international websites. The reduction of online gambling in New Zealand was also part of the discussion document. Those who are supportive of gambling on the internet in New Zealand believe that the reduction of web-based gambling is the wrong approach to tackling irresponsible gambling. Internet Service Providers (ISPs) such as Vodafone and Spark have also voiced out their concern over this discussion document.

DIA Online Gambling Document

The Department of Internal Affairs Suggests Geo-Blocking of Off-Shore Gambling

Opponents describe the possible ban on access to off-shore gambling websites as censorship. The document states that residents of New Zealand, as well as visitors of the country, will have restricted access to web-based gambling sites that are based abroad. The paper further states that the country’s gambling industry needs clear prosecution guidelines as well as strategies for compliance.

The notion of geo-blocking was another factor that was part of the document. However, experts have told the press that the term has been misused. The term geo-blocking often used when other content providers are blocking New Zealand residents from using their services. For example, the casino operators will have to block Kiwi players from accessing their gambling sites. However, it does not seem likely that these casino operators will willingly prevent NZ players.

More Regulations on Gambling Need to be Rolled Out

Many of the concepts that have been included in the DIA’s discussion document have received a wide range of criticism. Jordan Carter, the Chief Executive Officer of InternetNZ, thinks that the New Zealand government needs to make careful considerations regarding the bans. However, he does not believe that these actions will be useful in mitigating gambling problems in the country.

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Top Poker Players Heading to Christchurch Casino for Major Poker Tournament

Poker players of the highest calibre in New Zealand will head to Christchurch to participate in the New Zealand Poker Champs tournament taking place this Saturday. This is one of New Zealand’s biggest poker events, with a likely prize pool of NZ $900,000. The turbo tournament has a deepstack of NZ $440 and the main event buy in is NZ $1950.

There are 12 other events with a range of buy-ins from NZ $250 to NZ $3125. These games include a variation of poker games such as No Limit Holdem, Pot Limit Omaha, Short Deck No Limit Hold’em, Short Deck Pot Limit Omaha as well an event for women poker players and a bounty tournament.

In the past the New Zealand Poker Champs tournament has produced 8 New Zealand poker players over the past seven years. Last year Kuru Whiston and Renae Baker shared the prize money, each taking home NZ $70,000. Ben Rendall was the biggest winner last year taking home NZ $75,000.

Christchurch Poker Tournament for Poker Players

More than 200 Poker Players Expected to Attend the Event

The New Zealand Poker Champ tournament has attracted poker players since 1999 and this year will be no different. In the previous year more than 200 players attended the main event where the prize pool was NZ $391, 000.

Christchurch Casino poker manager, Warren Wyllie, told the media that the casino is ready to welcome all the poker players in the country. He further told the media that he and the casino staff are looking forward to crowning the 20th New Zealand Poker Champ. This event is expected to be one of the busiest the Christchurch Casino has ever had.

Hamish Crawshaw Also Expected to Attend the Event

The 2019 Sydney Champs winner Hamish Crawshaw is expected to attend the main event of the tournament. He will be coming along with Jack Efariamo. Mike King, the Kiwi comedian will also be in attendance.

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Paddy Power Soccer Jersey Sponsorship Revealed as Marketing Hoax

A Paddy Power branded soccer Jersey of the English Championship team Huddersfield Town was revealed after a sponsorship deal announcement. Soon after the reveal, politicians and sports fans went online to vilify the new uniform. Many had wondered if this was an elaborate stunt by Paddy Power. But, this was later on revealed as guerrilla marketing by the bookmaker.

The team’s classic blue and white stripes were covered with a Paddy Power logo. The Logo lay diagonally across the front of the English team’s jersey. Paddy Power went further and released a press statement expressing its delight over the new kit for Huddersfield.

In the same week, Huddersfield went to play a friendly match against Rochdale sporting the new uniform. Politician, Damian Collins, thought this uniform was inappropriate and called for the Football Association to investigate. The FA then announced that it had made contact with the Huddersfield requesting an explanation of the new uniform.

Paddy Power and Huddersfield later revealed the actual uniform that the team would be wearing in the coming season. The latest reveal of the uniform did not contain any branding.

Paddy Power Hudderfield Shirt

Soccer too Dependent on Gambling Money

The ambush marketing stunt by Paddy Power comes after many have been complaining that soccer in the United Kingdom is heavily reliant on gambling sponsorships. In the past season, more than half of the teams at the top were sponsored by bookmakers.

The Sportsbook also held other campaigns such as the “Save Our Shirt” campaign. This was a call to all the sponsors of soccer teams to stop tarnishing the branding of football shirts.


Throughout its campaigns, Paddy Power has sought to shock the public first and then make them think later. The bookmaker is still going to sponsor the English Championship team. However, there won’t be any bookmaker branding on it.

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Horse Racing Policy Changes Potentially Harmful to Gamblers

New Racing policies that have been suggested could potentially be harmful to gamblers. Experts have said that the changes that are meant to boost profits for the horse and dog racing industry may end up being detrimental to players. Gambling organizations such as the Problem Gambling Foundation have raised their concerns regarding these changes.

One of the changes involves the removal of restrictions on the operating pokies TAB as well as the introduction of a horse racing virtual platform that is set to begin in 2020. Spokesperson of the Problem Gambling Foundation, Andree Froude, told the media that these new racing policies could result in less money going into communities that need it. She especially pointed to the removal of the TAB pokies restriction.

Current gambling regulations require pokies operators to donate 40% of their proceeds to uphold the community. 20% is expected to be returned to amateur sports. This means that the funds that are supposed to go into the community will be reduced.

New Racing Policies

Pokies, Clubs and Pubs Cause more Harm than Racing Policies

Despite the change in Racing policies, Froude believes that pokies, clubs and pubs cause the most gambling damage. She further said that no number of charitable acts could make up for the amount of damage that has been done by gambling in the community.

TAB has argued that it is required over and above other gambling operations to show better gambling practices. However, Froude has said that no evidence reveals that to be the case. There was also concern over the repealing of Section 33(3) in the Gambling Act. This new policy change will allow TAB to buy new pokies and pubs for operation. The money that is raised from these new gambling operations could be used to fund horse racing in the country. Which means that you could have one form of gambling financing another.


The introduction of digital racing was also another concern that the Problem Gambling Foundation has issues with the new racing policies. She fears that this move from physical horses to digitized horses could worsen gambling. Especially since online gambling is done in private.

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