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1×2 Gaming To Offer Roulette Diamond

1×2 Gaming just announced the latest addition to their exciting casino game library. The game is called Roulette Diamond and falls under European Roulette version but with additional modifications to make the table game more appealing and exciting for gamblers worldwide, especially Kiwis.

Roulette Diamond for New Zealand Players

Roulette is one of the best online casino games loved by Kiwi players. New Zealand players now have an opportunity to play European Roulette Diamond, a version that has a better return-to-player ratio. More so, Roulette Diamond also comes with an increased board number that will definitely offer Kiwis more action with each reel they spin.  Read on below and learn more about Roulette Diamond for New Zealand players.

Roulette Diamond – Game Features

The dominant feature in this game is the diamond-shaped layout that includes a mixture of red and black numbers, along with the zero located on top of the wheel. In addition, Kiwi players will realize that Roulette Diamond will come with 41 figures, unlike the usual 37 figures available in a standard European Roulette game.

Complementing the table game’s first ever diamond-shaped board is a variety of betting options to boost the players’ online gambling experience further. Most of these betting options are similar to the standard European Roulette game, but there are also unique betting options that can make New Zealand players winners in no time.

More so, online casino gamblers will realise that some bets in this new game offer higher payouts compared to the traditional European Roulette game. For example, one number will pay 39 to 1 as compared to 37 to 1 in the standard European Roulette version.


Diamond Roulette comes with fantastic game-play, higher chances of winning, fast-paced gambling experience and much more. 1×2 Gaming is anticipating this hybrid casino game to take Kiwi online casino players by storm. Visit any of the online casinos we feature on our site and experience all this first hand!

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